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Marumatsu Vantage III

In 1981 Mikawa introduced to the world the Marumatsu M & M Autopress. Now their newest innovation is the Vantage III. Built for lean manufacturing, the machine can set-up in as little as two minutes. The lead edge feeder allows the Vantage to run many different materials including corrugated, foam core, plastic corrugated, chip and solid board.

The secondary feeder is where Mikawa’s two point registration is done, achieving an accuracy of 0.011″! It’s chaseless die mounting system makes set-ups fast and make-ready a breeze. No more old style make-ready sheets, chases or set-up tables. The patented “Males Only” stripping section removes internal scrap. “No Females” necessary! Patented “Turbo-Strip” Vibration Stripper allows the machine to strip most orders with no stripping dies at all!

Can run 0.937″ and/or 1″ rule
Hundreds of installations in north America
Runs Matrix with ease
High speed
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Marumatsu Vantage III Specifications

Model PMFW-1612 PMFW-2013
Max sheet size 47.24″ x 63.78″ 51.18″ x 78.74″
Min sheet size 15.75″ x 23.62″ 15.75″ x 31.5″
Max die cut size 46.26″ x 62.99″ 50.2″ x 77.95″
Max die board size 48.62″ x 69.29″ 52.56″ x 84.25″
Min die board size 20.87″ x 24.41″ 20.87″ x 35.43″
Gripper margin 0.59″ +/- 0.12″
Max speed 4,200 cycles/hour 3,600 cycles/hour
Registration 0.11″
Die cutting capabilities From AB to G flutes / Matrix scoring
Standard cutting rule size 0.937″ (1″ upon request)