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Lian Tiee Flexo Folder Gluer

  • Fast Setup
    • With our computer system, you can save up to 100,000 orders and set up the machine quickly and accurately.
  • High-quality graphics
    • Our chambered doctor blade system meters your ink precisely to give you the best possible print quality.
  • Square Box
    • Full-length vacuum belts, along with other devices in the folding and counter ejector section, help reduce fishtailing and create a perfectly square box for your customers.
  • Range of Sizes
    • Not one machine will do everything you want, so we have multiple sizes and configurations to meet the demands of your production environment.
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Lian Tiee Flexo Folder Gluer Specifications

Model AFG1500-0619 AFG2000-1022 AFG2000-1025 AFG5000-1225 AFG5000-1228
Max. Sheet Size 25″ x 74.8″ 39.37″ x 86.61″ 39.37″ x 98.43″ 47.24″ x 98.43″ 47.24″ x 110.24″
Min. Sheet Size 7.48″ x 15.75″ 10.43″ x 26.97″ 10.43″ x 26.97″ 11.81″ x 33.27″ 11.81″ x 33.27″