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CleanFlex Print Plate Cleaner

CleanFlex Print Plate Washing System

The CleanFlex is a print plate washing system designed to automatically wash and dry your print plates faster and more efficiently. Washing plates by hand is very time consuming. The CleanFlex recovers that time and allows for more production.

  • Cleans and dries at 82 inches per minute.
  • Centrally located in your plant, no need for multiple cleaning stations.
  • Soft cleaning brushes do not damage plates..
  • Can handle many different types of plate mountings.
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Water tank 39.6 gallons
Pump capacity 317 gallons/min
Dimensions Length 7.9′, Width 4.9′, Height 7.9′
Weight approx. 2,976 lbs
Plate size (standard) 66.9″ or 118″ with a specially design rail
Conveyor speed by 50 Hertz – 51.2″ / min. / by 90 Hertz – 84.3″ / min.
Noise level < 80 dB