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BCM Print Plate Storage System

Print Plate Storage System

Systems can store up to 315 print plates in under 10 feet of space, 630 if the system is two levels, and even more if you want additional levels.

Do you have a multi-color machine? The ASP-8 Profiles can hold 8 plates that can be delivered as a group to your machine! This is the first ever fully-automatic print plate storage system for multi-color operations. The BCM Print Plate Storage System can be configured to go around obstacles, doorways and walkways. Our two-level storage systems take advantage of expensive floor space by elevating your storage.

Stores more plates in less space than any other system on the market.
Protects plates from damage caused by storing them in boxes or moving conveyors.
Manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, the choice is yours.
Grows with your plant, start small and grow big!
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