converting equipment storage solutions in kenosha, racine flat bed die cutters

BCM Flat Die Storage System

Flat Die Storage System

Whether you are using single flat cutting dies or you have multiple dies for one order, BCM has an efficient storage system available to meet your needs. The system can be designed to use space that would otherwise be inaccessible. Let your mind dream at the possibilities.

With a crane system, you can store your flat dies all the way to your ceiling, freeing up costly floor space for production. In addition, you can access flat dies and rotary dies with the same crane. Systems can be configured to go around obstacles, doorways and walkways, allowing you to put a system just about anywhere

Cassette system keeps your dies from getting damaged.
Operator training takes less than an hour.
Manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic, the choice is yours.
Safe operation, your operators never need to handle the dies.
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